What is Cardio Exercise?

The word Cardio itself describe that it is an exercise which makes your heart rate up and keeps it up for a long period of time. As we breathe faster and deep, your Respiratory System starts working harder. Cardio Exercise helps us to lose weight. It is one of the effective exercise which gives us 100% result but with continuous consistency. If an average will be taken for Men, if they exercised 30 minutes a day on an average there will be loss of 2 pounds more of body weight than those who worked out for many hours. So many Researchers, had research that doing cardio for at least 30 minutes a day will actually burned more calories than they should burn according to their workout schedules.

Why Cardio Exercise is Important?

Regularly, practicing cardio exercise helps you to improve Risk factors for Heart diseases. It also help to maintain weight loss, blood pressure and can help to deliver blood more efficiently to the muscles. Many people do suggests that performing regularly Cardio exercise will live longer. Studies also say that Belly fat can be easily burn by performing cardio.

Most of the quality Exercise which help us to burn Belly fat are :-

  1. Running :-The most important and older exercise which may boost up your confidence running towards one step near your goal. This is also one of the best cardio which reduces your stress and builds your endurance. The easier way to start any exercise by just initializing running process. As fast you will rum you will burn more calories. So, start running to make your Body fit. On an average 100-200 calories can be easily burn by running early in the morning.
  2. Step-ups :- This exercise you may perform at home also. By taking one step towards your first stair and second step coming backward to your original stair. Do as fast you can this can also help you somewhere.
  3. Bur-pees :- According to the study of American college of Sports and Medicine, for effective metabolism 10 fast-paced reps of bur-pees can be perform as 30 second all-out sprint. It is the most effective exercise for losing Belly fat.
  4. Skipping :- Skipping is just a activity of jumping rope. The short-time activity which burns many calories.  It’s a full body workout. If seriously you are willing to lose weight doing this activity 15 minutes regularly with 3 rep can burn your calories fast near about 100 calories can be easily burned.
  5. High Knees:- High Knees is one of the intensive cardio exercise which engages your core strengthens all the muscles present in your legs, may help to improve momentum, flexibility and co-ordination. It also helps to get your heart rate up. It is one kind of running at standing place. It is useful to burn high calories in short period of time. If we practice high knees regularly at least for 30 minutes we can burn 240 to 355.5 calories in a day.
  6. Mountain Climbing :- Mountain Climbing is one of the great cardio exercise which builds core strength and agility. It’s just like total body workout in one exercise. It also helps to burn fat in faster rate and there are so many benefits for heart health. While doing mountain climbing we are in a position of plank so that core is engaged, triceps, chest and shoulders are also in used. Doing these repeated times legs muscles also gets strengthen. Without aggravating back pain you can build abs easily. For good weight loss mountain climbing has great role by this exercise you will be utilizing your core because while doing these exercise you are in plank position which strong your core. Major muscles used in this exercise are Quadriceps, Hamstrings, glutcals, lower back and the abdominal.
  7. Duck Walk :- Duck Walk is beneficial exercise for legs, knees. This may also strong your butt muscles. We need to stand with feet at shoulder width apart. Bend your knees into half squats position and sit your hips back, need to walk slowly forward a few steps and same steps backward to the start point.
  8. Body Weight Squats :- Body weight squats is resistance and an effective exercise for lower body. Daily practicing squats can improve your physical fitness and tone the muscles of lower body. In a week perform several times include squats in daily exercise. Body weight squats practicing regularly then you don’t have to workout extra in gym, no need of any gym equipment. In short you can burn fat, leg fat and built your butt muscles. Squats are primarily resistance exercise which increase your muscles, strength and tone.
  9. Lunges:- Lunges are one of the popular exercise among people to strengthen, sculpt and tone their bodies. Basically, athletic people perform this exercise to enhance their body tone to improve overall fitness. It’s just a simple exercise we have to take one step forward standing up tall one step at back until your leg reaches to 90 degree angle, lift front lunging leg to return at the starting position. Repeat these at least for 10-12 time of one leg. Practicing lunges will help you to slim your thighs. It will make your hips more flexible and burn belly fat. After getting perfection in Lunges we can modify it to meet your fitness level.

While performing Lunges lower body strengthen which include: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

If we practice it by different angles it is also a functional movement. Sports require a lunging motion like tennis, yoga and basketball. Lunges can help your muscles to prepare for participating in these sports. Lunges can activate different muscles also.

Lateral lunges or side lungs can increase flexibility and strengthen of thigh muscles and works for inner thigh muscles. Walking lunge works as same as basic lunges. Lunge with torso twist works for abdominal it also starts by practicing basic lunge then you need to twist yourself by doing hand postures.

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